People Not Trophies


As an attorney, I have often sat in meetings with estate and financial planners that treat estate planning like a Jackie Collins novel. They toss around cartoonlike terms like “trophy wife” and “stepkids” and “illegitimate grandchild” as if their clients lived in a Lifetime Movie and their relatives were living out the melodrama of draining them of their last penny. As a result, these planners encourage their clients to execute estate plans in a defensive, paranoid way without regard for the loved ones that will be left to live under the terms set by these estate plans.

As a wife and part of a blended family, I instantly gained my husband’s children and grandchildren when I married Don. I love this family I chose. And they have graciously welcomed me into their lives. Accordingly, I know how hurtful a “trophy/step/new wife” comment can be.

At SchlitzLAW, we plan for people, not trophies. We know that the people in our lives are three-dimensional, not just caricatures. This tenet applies to all of our areas of practice, not just estate planning. Whether you are planning for your financial future, starting a business, signing your first record deal, or in a dispute with a colleague, we will listen to your concerns and present all of the considerations, whether they be legal or personal, and have a plan of action.

Our plan of action will be in your best interest, and will address the people in your life, both good and bad.

As for the trophies, we can leave those on the bookshelf next to the Jackie Collins novel.

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