Tax Controversies

SchlitzLAW provides representation before federal, state, and local tax authorities for both companies and individuals. With extensive knowledge and experience in negotiating with the Internal Revenue Service and other taxing authorities, SchlitzLAW can assist in the resolution of contested tax matters at all stages, including examination, administrative appeals, trial, and appellate review.

Estate Litigation

After the death of a loved one, controversies can arise between family members or among beneficiaries. SchlitzLAW provides representation in the event of a post-mortem dispute. With its depth of estate and probate knowledge, we will assist in assessing the risk to the client, and providing strong and skilled litigation advocacy when necessary.

Entertainment and Sports Litigation

SchlitzLAW has handled controversies in the entertainment and sports industries, including contract disputes, royalty disputes, federal copyright infringement cases, and intellectual property conflicts. Due to its depth of knowledge and extensive experience in the creative fields, SchlitzLAW will provide representation with an understanding of the unique needs of creative persons and entities, and the rights available to them.

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